Brown dwarf with asteroid ring
"This brown dwarf is host to a disk composed primarily of asteroids and boulders. The light from the dwarf is barely enough to illuminate the surface of this primitive planet. At a distance of about 1.5 million miles, the orbit of this planet is aligned to the plane of the rings with the result that they appear as a fuzzy line occulting the brown dwarf's glowing face".



"The series tells the story of a hypothetical Brown Dwarf and the journey to it’s innermost moon. Like Jupiter’s Io it is a radiation soaked, tidaly ravaged, highly volcanic world. Such a hellish place can have only one name - Hades".


Brown Dwarf


Brown Dwarf Star
"This image shows what it might look like standing on the surface of a planet orbiting a brown dwarf star. An alien moon can also be seen in the sky. The brown dwarf gives off such feeble visible light it is difficult to see any of the landscape except for the reflection in the water".


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